Welcome to aarts & co For an inspiring working environment

There are many ways to go about work. Often, it’s all about concentration, communication and inspiration. Together with you, we decide the essential emphases in your working environment. 

This way, we create an optimized setting where job satisfaction and work productivity come naturally. 

The qualified and passionate team of aarts & co aims at giving you the best all-rounded advice when it comes to your interior.

Current events

aarts & co interieur en advies verwerft opdracht Avans+ te Breda
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Na voltooiing van de renovatie van het huidige pand van Avans+ te Breda zal aarts & co interieur en advies de gehele herinrichting verzorgen van h...
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aarts & co interieur en advies verzorgt interieur nieuw kantoorpand CMS Nederland in Amsterdam
Monday, June 10, 2019
Onlangs heeft CMS Nederland, één van de grootste advocatenkantoren ter wereld, intrek genomen op de bovenste zes verdiepingen in het New Atrium gebouw...
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Herman Miller Living Office

While searching for future-proof solutions that enable the work of tomorrow, it became apparent the old ways of plant equipment no longer met our expectations. Living Office renewed our management, our equipment and our surroundings, presenting us with the opportunity to gain more connectivity, creativity, productivity and success. 

In this new landscape of labor, a dynamic balance of shared passion and profit generates high performance and added value to individuals and organizations alike. By offering a new vision on management, equipment and spaces, Living Office is able to create this mutually inspiring driving force of prosperity.

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